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Over the years my interest in cameras of all types has led me on the search to find interesting facts and information regarding some types of cameras, both still and motion, their origins and history, as well as where they are heading in the future. The result of this passion is the Camera Fanatics website.

camera explanationsHere, I attempt to explain the simple operation of box cameras, instant cameras, disc cameras, their components, and how they actually work. My explanations and descriptions are concise and very basic, as they are meant to be.

The website does not attempt to go into detail typically reserved for an engineering team. We like to explain things in a manner that is within the reach of the average camera fanatic.

We can also have some fun looking at a variety of toy cameras. The cameras in our photo gallery aren't photos of cameras personally owned by me, but submissions by other camera collecting enthusiasts. If you've got a classic camera you'd like to share, send in a picture and we'll get it posted asap. Use our upload form to submit a picture of a toy camera or rare antique.

Attention Camera Fanatics... this website could be yours... Since I am pursuing other projects at the moment, this domain is for sale along with its content. The domain can be purchased seperately or the entire website if you wish. Use the contact form if you are interested. Thank you!

Recent Updates

We have added some additional detail to the camera definitions and explanations. Here you can see the basic camera explanations. Take a look, the breakdowns of these various cameras are more interesting than you think.

Recent updates include a few more pictures of antique cameras that were submitted into the photo gallery as well as some great pics of rare camera toys. The camera photo gallery can be a learning experience in itself.

Also changed the website to a responsive design for those using smart-phones and tablets. This is the way of the world these days I guess.... Please report any quirks or gliches using our contact form, since you can never prepare for everything.


Buying Cameras

We have listed out some camera suppliers here. Buying cameras can be tricky for the novice when it comes to features and options. But the pricing of electronics in general is not so tricky. Modern electronics like cameras have a low markup thanks to the competitive nature of the game. The suppliers we feature are not listed in any particular order, nor is any one supplier preferred over any other.

taken with a digital cameraWe usually steer camera collectors toward the eBay's of the world. Those in search of the latest and greatest cameras can choose from various big box stores.

We have also posted some info specifically for surveillence cameras since motion pictures are playing such a big role in pulic and private safety. Although they don't have any collectible value at this point, vintage security equipment may also become desirable to camera buffs at some point.

The big names in electronics and even those who specialize in camera equipment only, won't vary much from each other on price. But if you are already set on a specific model, you may be able to comparison shop and enjoy your savings based on a free shipping special versus paying a standard shipping cost.

Regardless of your interests, check out the featured merchants on our buy cameras page. As I said earlier, you may be able to realize your savings with of one of these "cameras with free shipping" offers.

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Camera Photos

We have posted the camera photos in a gallery format. Most of the photos have been submitted by users. We've had users elaborate on their camera collections and some have uploaded pictures of the rare cameras for the gallery.

If you've got an old camera that you believe to be rare, upload a picture using our camera upload form. Your fellow camera connoisseurs will appreciate it and you neve know, you may wind up feeling good about yourself.

View the Camera Photos...

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